The most powerful

crypto asset protection

Protect your crypto against theft, loss, and seizure with the industry’s most advanced crypto security system.


Manage multi-chain digital assets

Easily manage a diverse portfolio of digital assets, engage with Web3 and DeFi, and do it all within the convenience of a single, secure, user-friendly platform.


Customizable multi-user permissions

Tailor transfer policies that align with your unique requirements, whether it's for enhancing personal security, managing client finances, or optimizing team treasury operations.


Prevent thefts, hacks, and accidents

Shield your digital assets and provide them with protection against vulnerabilities that can compromise even the most fortified digital platforms.


Stay ahead in the Web3 revolution

Embrace the dynamic world of Web3, NFTs, and DeFi with a future-proof platform, ensuring you're always at the cutting edge of innovation while retaining full security and control over your assets.

Security isn’t a feature. It’s the foundation.

Breakthroughs in cryptography make an institutional-grade Web3 platform possible for every digital asset hodler.

Secured on decentralized architecture built by 100s of the world’s best cryptographers.

Protected by best-in-class auth with enterprise security and multi-factor recovery methods.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of people and businesses around the world.

Backed by some of the most trusted names in the crypto and Web3 industry.

NFID is backed by industry leaders

With angel investments from leaders at Rarible, 9Yards Capital, and others

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